SC Hog-Dogging Case Closed

In 2004, several dirtbags were rounded up in Chester County, SC – including the county’s animal control director – in a hog-dog fighting bust. “Hog-dog rodeos” are some twisted idiots’ idea of “sport” where dogs are turned loose in an enclosure with wild hogs whose tusks have been removed. Sickos stand outside the ring with their kiddies and throw down money on how long it will take the dog to pin down/maim the hog. So when law enforcement seized over 100 dogs and injured hogs from these bozos – that was a good thing. Unfortunately, no one realized that hog-dog fighting wasn’t actually against the law. Oops. South Carolina’s Animal Fighting and Baiting Act was amended in 2006 to specifically make this a felony but it was too late for the Chester County scumbags who described what they were doing as “training”. Two of the accused were acquitted at trial in 2005 and finally this month the charges against everyone involved were officially dropped. One of the defendants also dodged similar hog-dogging charges in Florida. As for the fired animal control director, she has been required to remain in the state while charges were pending and says now she’ll be leaving. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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