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United We Bark thinks it’s time we do more to increase public awareness about the anti-pet agenda of the HSUS.

Nathan Winograd sorts the wheat from the chaff in Houston’s No Kill efforts.

Caveat posts photos of those shape-shifting Pitbulls.

The HSUS has a pdf online outlining their goals for 2009.  Included are some vaguely worded and worrisome items:

5) Puppy mills – require all commercial dog and cat breeders to comply with AWA requirements, including those who sell directly to the public (as provided by legislation like S. 3519 / H.R. 6949 in the 110th Congress, for which Obama pledged support during campaign in response to HSLF survey); require daily exercise and socialization for animals in commercial breeding facilities; prohibit non-stop breeding every heat cycle; prohibit debarking or other invasive procedures conducted for purposes other than the health and well-being of the individual animal; require that humane euthanasia and surgical procedures be performed by a licensed veterinarian only and prohibit other forms of killing animals at these facilities.

Am I a “puppy mill” according to HSUS?  I might be, I don’t know.  And since they aren’t providing a specific definition, I guess I should consider myself a target of their agenda (which itself is vague and could be twisted to encompass just about any set of circumstances).


93) Breed-specific bans – do not impose breed-specific bans at military bases (breed specific spay/neuter policies may be effective and appropriate, if restrictions are needed; outright bans have proven counterproductive, actually reducing public safety in some cases)

Take your breed specific mandatory neuter and shove it HSUS.

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