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Suspected Dogfighting Raids Yield 200 Seized Dogs

Raids conducted in Missouri, Illinois and Texas, per CBS News:

Authorities have arrested about 30 people and seized about 200 dogs in dogfighting raids Wednesday across three states, the Justice Department said.

The release from HSUS lists even more states (Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas).

The Humane Society of Missouri is helping in the evaluations for the dogs:

While they are being cared for, each dog will be evaluated by animal behavior experts from the Humane Society of Missouri and other organizations to determine their suitability for possible placement with rescue groups or individual adopters. The Humane Society of Missouri will make recommendations about each animal to the U.S. District Court which will make the final decision for each animal.

“We are committed to giving dogs who have come from such horrible abuse the absolute best chance for a good life,” said Debbie Hill, vice president of Operations for the Humane Society of Missouri and director of the temporary shelter. “It is a tragedy that because of mistreatment by humans for financial gain and so-called sport, many dogs used in animal fighting may not ever be able to be placed in a home situation.”

But not too “many”, I hope.

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