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NC Pitbull Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty

Follow up post on the NC man alleged to have kept dozens of Pitbulls in terrible conditions in Onslow Co. Animal Control has charged him “with cruelty to animals and mistreatment of animals“:

Pollock, 37, was charged with failure to vaccinate 41 dogs over the age of 4 months and failure to provide sufficient shelter to the animals.

Sufficient shelter is defined as shelter with four solid walls with an opening for the animals to leave and enter safely, a firmly attached roof and enough room to move freely. Warrants stated that Pollock did not “provide protection from the weather” and did not provide “humanely clean conditions” for 55 pit bulls that he owned.

Warrants issued Sunday also stated that Pollock was charged with overloading, tormenting and depriving necessary sustenance of the 55 dogs.

“Depriving necessary sustenance” I take to mean he wasn’t feeding/watering them properly. Their poor body conditions are evident on the video (below) with some appearing worse than others. “Overloading” and “tormenting” – I’m not sure exactly what actions lead to those charges. Anyone?

I presume the dogs are still on the property, which is sad:

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