Dinner at Chez Dog

We’ve got weevils. (Don’t worry, that’s not what’s for the dog dinner.) They can apparently get into most anything and I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of them. For starters, I’m trying to cook everything in the cupboard to diminish their food supply. Unfortunately this also diminishes our food supply so I’m not sure what the end game here is exactly. At any rate, I boiled up every kind of pasta we had in the cupboards. (Note: Weevils float to the top of the pan as soon as you dump the pasta in so you can skim them out if you don’t want the added protein.) I then cooked up some spinach, carrots and yellow squash and stirred them in. Minced parsley, yogurt and cottage cheese were added and I topped each dog’s bowl off with a couple hunks of mozzarella. Add calcium and oil (I used fish oil caps for this meal) and serve.

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