Treats on the Internets

The keys to canine longevity: Play with dogs your own size, socialize with people, get your owner to share his meals with you

Brampton, Ontario hires slick lawyers in hopes of winning the right to kill 2 nice dogs

A New Zealand man who fed 5 kittens to his Pitbull gets sentenced to 7 months in jail

The remains of 14 dogs were found this month in garbage bags in a wooded area in Houston

Since 2007, a FL couple with 4 Pitbulls has received dozens of citations for roaming dogs and attacks on animals and people. Authorities say the couple has not only ignored the citations but also refused to pay the accompanying fines. The county is taking legal action to declare them unfit owners. Sort of a twist on “punish the deed, not the breed” although I don’t know what will happen to the dogs if the county wins their case.

At the age of 4, a sled dog in Canada went blind so her owner followed veterinary advice to retire her. The dog stopped eating and drinking and the owner ended up letting her return to sled pulling for another 5 years before retiring her due to old age. (video)

Dr. Patty Khuly has a short Q & A on feeding basics: “Fat pets need less food; too-skinny pets need more.”

One of my pet peeves is the idea that you need to get a recipe from a professional in order to feed your pet regular food that doesn’t come in a bag with a picture of a hi-pro glow goggie on it. Research yes, “expert consultant”, not necessarily. Here’s one animal health consultant’s take on home made cat food: Vegan meals.

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has an ongoing campaign against pet stores who sell dogs from puppy mills. A photograph inserted in their latest article on the subject includes a BFAS protest sign which reads “Pet overpopulation is NOT a myth”. I’m hoping they’ll clarify their position on that issue. It’s one thing to simply have outdated rhetoric on your website but this sign seems particularly targeted, shall we say?

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