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Treats on the Internets

NC Veterinarian Ralph Houser is closely involved with shelter killing in the state and says that Facebook postings about him are untrue.

WI shelters are seeing an increase in dog admissions ahead of a new law placing stricter regulations on breeders

LA SPCA is asking the New Orleans city council to pass a mandatory neuter ordinance

Toronto Humane Society has to clear its cages by April 12 – see the poster for info on adopting the remaining cats, rats and bunnies.

PA SPCA plans to send its pets to area rescues so that the shelter can be thoroughly disinfected.  A dog died of a viral infection last week – the same virus that killed 6 dogs at the shelter last June.

ND Board of Animal Health apparently knows nothing about either animals or health

80,000 pets were killed in Houston area shelters in 2009.  Can we do better in 2010?

Old vid clip mentions movie stars having homemade meals delivered for their dogs – cute!

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