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At a recent HSUS presser regarding alleged hen abuse in IA, anyone affiliated with agriculture was barred entry, including the editor of the state’s most widely circulated newspaper who writes:

People with a lot more expertise than me were also stuck out in the hallway. That included representatives from the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and others affiliated with agriculture.

Should small farmers be exempt from the traceability requirements in the federal food safety bill?

33 Pitbulls were seized this week in a NC dogfighting bust.  76 year old Harry Hargrove faces 27 counts of dogfighting and animal cruelty – all felonies.

If you are a VA resident, you are possibly out – uh, “celebrating” Governor McDonnell’s Confederate History Month.  When you’re able to break away from the the festivities extolling the joys of owning people, you might like to take a look at the Governor’s website.  He proposes legally ending the practice of killing VA shelter dogs based on breed.  Just goes to show, sometimes a little normal seeps through the crazy.

Dead Dogs article discusses the unjust banning and killing of Pitbulls in this country

Facebook posting pleas for homes for dogs crated in a garage, ousted from PSPCA shelter

College student writes an opinion piece on the politics of Muncie, Indiana’s animal control problems

The Pet Connection, a no kill shelter in Kansas, has spent all its money on legal fees to address anonymous complaints to government agencies.  It looks as if they will have to close.

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