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How Not to Deal with a Biting Dog

If a dog bites you, I expect you to do whatever needs to be done in order to prevent the dog from doing any further damage.  Depending on the circumstances, this might include putting a leash on the dog to get control or placing the dog in another room.  Once the bite is over and you have control of the situation, there is no point in fetching your air gun, calling your dog over to you, holding him upside down by the tail and shooting him repeatedly in the face and testicles while he screams and you film the whole thing:

At the prompting of prosecuting attorney Barbara Lachmar. [Judge Thomas] Willmore viewed two videos before the sentencing and called the abuse terrible, noting the dog screeched and squealed while it was tortured repeatedly.

“It comes and sits right down at your feet and you pick it up again and shoot it in its testicles. It wasn’t even doing anything,” Willmore said. “You ought to be ashamed the way you treated that animal.”

Ought to be, but isn’t:

[The owner, Emilio Deshun] Hoy told Willmore on Tuesday that he was sorry but that he still questioned whether his behavior constituted animal cruelty. Hoy said he was only punishing the dog for aggressive behavior after he worked a 12-hour day at his job.  [emphasis added]

Mr. Hoy will get a break from his 12 hour shifts at work while he’s in the pokey:

On April 7, Hoy pleaded guilty to torture of a companion animal, a third-degree felony. He was sentenced Tuesday by Logan 1st District Court Judge Thomas Willmore to six months in jail and three years of probation. Hoy must also pay $1,000 to the state and another $1,000 to the Cache Humane Society.

The dog, Bean, has recovered from the physical injuries but is apparently still dealing with some emotional trauma:

Michael Bishop, director of the Cache Humane Society, said Bean was returned recently to the shelter in Logan because he is “showing some post-traumatic-type symptoms and characteristics.” In his sleep, Bean is whimpering and growling, and he sometimes awakens aggressively with a startle, he said.

What have those of you who have dealt with biting dogs done to get control of the situation in the heat of the moment?  What about dealing with the dog afterward?

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