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Arkansas “Shelter” Turns into House of Horrors

Warningsome of the images at the video link are extremely graphic.

According to a video posted on YouTube, animal control officers left 14 dogs together in an outside area of the Forrest City Animal Shelter, unsupervised and without water, over the Memorial Day weekend.  There were males and females – two of which were in heat.  Needless to say, multiple fights broke out.

A volunteer stopped by to check that the ACOs had put up the dogs for the night properly and found multiple injured dogs.  Apparently other volunteers came in to try to save the injured dogs but due to the holiday, a Vet wasn’t available.  The dog who suffered the most severe injuries, a Lab called Bozo, went into shock.  A volunteer wanted to use the shelter’s dryer to heat up towels to cover Bozo but had to remove the personal laundry of an ACO first.  Sadly, Bozo died of his injuries.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident.

This is not the first time there have been complaints about the Forrest City Animal Shelter.

Back in October another You Tube video highlighted problems.

Back then, Forrest City’s Mayor called the video inaccurate.

The Mayor did not return our phone calls today.

I wonder if this video will be deemed “inaccurate” too.

There is an action alert here.

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