Good on You Forrest City Animal Shelter

How do you approach the difficult problem of abuse at an animal shelter such as the case at the Forrest City shelter in Arkansas?  If you’re Desiree Bender of HSUS, you barge in and attempt to drive a wedge between the staff allegedly responsible for the abuse and the pesky volunteers who just won’t shut their traps about it.  And that made things better… how?


If you are the Forrest City Chief of Police, Dwight Duch, you make changes and get the job done without fanfare and with the assistance of Rescue Ink:

Chief Duch took over operations at the shelter earlier this month. Since then, conditions have improved. Now animals have clean cages to sleep in, fresh water to drink and plenty of food. Volunteers say help couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s amazing the difference from two weeks ago. If you had been here two weeks ago and then come here today, you would’ve been like wow. I can’t believe what a change. We’re not there yet. It’s going to take time to get this stuff implemented like it needs to be, but it’s working,” said Janie Hicks, Humane Society Volunteer.

To make sure things stay that way, Rescue Ink, an animal rescue group based out of New York City, stepped in to offer their expertise.


Rescue Ink provided volunteers with the tools needed to make sure dogs are adoption ready. The group also solicits donations from local businesses, and provides educational tools for anyone looking to adopt a rescue dog.

“Those guys are amazing. They come in and bring a little community awareness to it. I think it’s great with all the publicity and stuff, to help some of these dogs make it to a good home, and I know it’s a home out there for all of them,” said Chief Duch.

Well pardon my French but fucking A.  That’s the way ya do it.

I hope the community stays involved and improvements at the shelter continue.  And while I’m sure the police chief never signed on to run the animal shelter, I’m glad he stepped up.  I hope they can find someone with a similar attitude to permanently run the place.  To volunteer, donate or adopt, call or visit the shelter.

There’s a home out there for all of them.<——-THAT

4 thoughts on “Good on You Forrest City Animal Shelter

  1. Kudos to you also, YesBiscuit. Far too many supposed “shelters and sanctuaries in name” are scams run by those who siphon off the top, abuse power, and are malfeasant. Live steam comes out my ears over all breeders being painted “bad” in the process of shelters being turned into “big businesses with a built in monopoly” for domestic and “job lot” imports particularly in dogs.

  2. God I love good news! I am working right now to get some reform going on for my local animal control/shelter. Good news always gives me hope and keeps me motivated to keep working.

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