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Memphis: The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

Memphis has a lot of problems when it comes to caring for the community’s pets.  The city still hasn’t brought the 3 indicted shelter employees to trial on charges of animal cruelty stemming from last year.  In fact 2 of those 3 are still on the payroll, last I heard.

The city’s ACOs are 800 calls behind – and have been for many months.  The shelter is short staffed.  And there was a proposal this year to inflict a mandatory spay-neuter ordinance on the city’s pet owners which the shelter director failed to speak out against.

After a recent tragedy in which a man died after being bitten by a pair of roaming dogs, Memphis is looking to up the ante in its scramble to the top of teh stupid pile:

The Wharton Administration is considering a measure that would put a bounty of as much as $50 on stray dogs turned in by citizens.

City leaders are hoping it will get vicious strays off the street and encourage pet owners to be more responsible.

Right.  The end results will be vicious dogs off the streets and pet owners becoming more responsible.  Not crackheads stealing pets in the night to turn in for a 50 dollar payoff.  Not an AC unit, already severely compromised, sinking under the weight of citizen stray surrenders.  Not more shelter killings, at a shelter which already needlessly kills thousands of pets a year.  Nope, it’ll be that magical Pet Owner Responsibility dust raining over Memphis that will be the end result here.

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