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Scout: Not a Retriever

Whatever Scout’s lineage may be, she acts like a herding dog.  That is to say, not only does she like to herd things, she also plays with our other dogs in a lot of the same ways that a Collie puppy we had for several months did.

Outside of the Collie, I’m not very experienced with herding dogs.  So I’m hoping for some suggestions on how to keep her out of trouble.  She loves her stuffies and her bones, but she also loves chewing rugs, shoes, and doggie steps.  I give her a cup of kibble in the Kong Wobbler every afternoon and she’s very excited about that.  Unfortunately the kibble runs out pretty quick.  She doesn’t like to be left, inside or outside, by her humans, even though she has doggie company.  She’s escaped the yard many times but we keep blocking her escape routes as we find them.

I realize many of her behaviors are probably due to her age and her history.  She’s very young I think and obviously she’s never been in anyone’s home or fenced yard before.  All things considered, she’s doing really well.  Very few housebreaking accidents, good sleeper, and only one Really Super Major Incident – eating my gelato which I left unattended briefly on the table.  (Since it was technically my fault, I decided to spare her the death penalty.)

I know some of you will have good insights and suggestions on things I can do to help Scout continue her transition to life as a pet.  We are taking her for her first vet appointment this afternoon.  I’ll report back afterward.

Update: Scout did great at the vet’s office.  She has been vaccimilated, her blood work was good and her heartworm test was negative!  She’s scheduled for spay next month.  On top of all that good news, I found out my vet gives a 25% discount for pets taken in off the streets.  Bonus!

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