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Scout: What Are You?

When I took Scout for her first vet visit, I filled out her new patient paperwork and listed her breed as “Little Brown Dog”.  The lady behind the desk seemed unsatisfied with this and stuck her head out to see if she could come up with something more definitive.  Ultimately, she entered Scout in the computer as “Mixed”.

We’ve had several suggestions from people on possible breeds in Scout’s family tree:  Lab, Beagle, Pitbull…  And as I mentioned previously, her behavior is much like a herding dog.

I won’t be paying for any DNA tests to get any official answers but if you’d like to toss your hat in the ring for what mix of breeds Scout might be, please feel welcome.  I’d love to hear your ideas.  I took some photos of her playing in the yard today and put them on Flickr.  They may be useful in gauging size. (She weighed 34 pounds at the vet’s office this week.)

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