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Why Would You Think That, Matthew Pepper?

Regarding the doomed-to-fail MSN law in Memphis, Matthew Pepper is apparently privvy to some secret information none of us knows:

“Just like all the problems in Memphis there is no magic wand that will act as a cure, but this is one step to create a better environment for animals and citizens,” said Memphis Animal Shelter Director, Matthew Pepper.

Every year the shelter euthanizes 16,000 animals. Pepper hopes the new law will reduce the number of pets put to sleep. He added, “I think over time, spay and neutering is the long term solution to the problems we face in this community.”

Mr. Pepper doesn’t cite any references for his belief that Memphis is going to blaze the trail for successful MSN laws.  (Maybe it’s classified information – like China’s plan to take over the U.S.)  It’s my opinion that Memphis will head down the exact same paths as all the other failed MSN cities.  And I have references!

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