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Memphis AC Allows Two Abandoned Dogs to Suffer and Die

Memphis Animal Services has been more than 900 calls behind all year.  While shelter director Matthew Pepper rejoices in the pain inflicted on local pet owners via the recent MSN passage, area dogs in need of help have nothing to celebrate.  Last week, 2 dogs who’d been left at a vacant home starved to death waiting for ACOs to help them.

Several neighbors tell they called Memphis Animal Control several times when the owner took off without the dogs.

A week went by with neighbors pleading for help while the dogs – at least one of them was on a chain – continued to suffer.  Animal Services finally showed up to remove the carcasses when the foul stench in the neighborhood became overwhelming.

Police have made no arrests but an animal cruelty investigation is underway.

I can suggest one place to look right away:  your own backyard.  When owners fail to care for their pets, it’s time for local AC to step in and help.  That’s what we pay them for.  These dogs could have been saved.  They could right now be on someone’s couch, their bellies full and their ears being rubbed.  Instead, they’re in the dumpster behind the Memphis Animal Shelter after suffering a needless and cruel death.  Shame.

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