More Media Coverage on Abuse at NC Shelter

Whistleblower Lisa Easton and local animal advocate Samantha Laine are both interviewed in this piece (video).  Ms. Easton had to do a phone interview as she was unavailable for an on-camera interview due to her volunteer work.  Dang volunteer types – always volunteerin’!

Coverage in The Charlotte Observer.

A piece in a Cleveland Co paper.

This story has been updated to include a survey asking readers’ opinions on what action should be taken with regard to the shelter employees.

4 thoughts on “More Media Coverage on Abuse at NC Shelter

  1. Good job keeping it in the media. Unfortunately, public outrage and embarrassment seems to be the only thing that motivates politicians to make changes at shelters. They can know about this kind of treatment for years, but will do nothing unless forced to.

  2. Hey hey – massive Yes!Biscuit coverage without so much as a mention. Gotta love the respect journalists show bloggers even as they use your material. ;O)

    Keep it up Shirley – you helped make this happen.

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