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UPDATED: Military Family’s Dog Lost by Delta Airlines – BOLO

Moving overseas for her husband’s Army assignment, a San Diego woman brought along the family’s two dogs.  One made it to Germany, the other was lost by Delta on a layover at the Atlanta airport.  The missing dog, named Nala, had been taken out of the kennel the owners had bought for her and put into one of Delta’s crates.  It’s unknown how she became lost.

The owner went to Atlanta, hoping to find her dog.  One week after Delta lost her, they offered to help the owner look.  She is described as “a German Shepherd mix, she’s smaller than a normal shepherd. She has shorter legs, she has a gray muzzle, a white fluffy tail”.  Delta is offering a $1000 reward for Nala’s safe return.  If you know anyone in Georgia or neighboring states, please ask them to be on the lookout for Nala.

Thanks to reader Rebecca for sending me this story.

Update, January 3, 2011CBS Atlanta is reporting that Nala was found dead on the interstate.

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