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Treats on the Internets

War is hell.  For dogs too.

Updates from a coalition of no kill groups working to help pets affected by the disasters in Japan.  (via Clarice)

Major political upheaval in Miami-Dade County and animal advocates want the shelter director out (article and petition at link, via Stephanie)

KC Dog Blog has a post (with video) on how to write up good shelter/rescue pet profiles

Article in American Dog Magazine:  The No Kill Movement – Full Steam Ahead

A meter reader in LA “panicked” when he thought a Yorkie might bite him and kicked the dog, causing the dog’s eye to fall out.  The meter reader has since been fired.  (Thanks Clarice for the links.)

In SC, a deputy and his wife in Georgetown Co have been charged with animal cruelty after authorities found 3 decomposing dog carcasses in outdoor kennels at their home and a mama dog with 9 pups on the porch.

Iowa is considering a bill that would make it unlawful for someone to seek agricultural employment for the purpose of creating undercover video footage.

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