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Memphis Animal Shelter: It Gets the Hose Again

I received this photo, captured via the Memphis Animal Shelter live webcams, from a reader.  The photo is from a Facebook album with several more screengrabs showing the cleaning procedures at the shelter on March 17.  I decided to have a look at the shelter’s webcams myself this morning  and pull some shots for the blog:

Via the webcam, I watched this worker step from the main walkway into this side walkway as he continued his cleaning procedures with the hose.
Note the number of empty kennels where dogs could be placed while their kennels are cleaned.
I observed this worker step back off the main walkway, presumably to avoid backspray, before hosing down these cages. Unfortunately, the dogs in the occupied cages had no place to escape the backspray.
Again, the poor dogs in the cages below...
I continued watching after this shot but did not observe the bottom cages being cleaned nor any dogs being moved around.

Memphis Animal Shelter kills 16,000 pets each year.  This is how some of those pets spend their final days in this life – being sprayed with a hose while trapped in a cage.  While we know MAS director Matthew Pepper likes to dress up in a costume and dance to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ in the face of bad publicity, I think the pertinent question here is, Who doesn’t let the dogs out?  The answer being, MAS staff.  Two of the reasons for keeping a shelter clean are to minimize the spread of disease and provide a comfortable environment for the pets.  Fail and fail.  Can’t we do better?

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