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Another Mass Dog Killing in Memphis

While Memphis Animal Services killed all the dogs on the adoption floor and all the puppies at the shelter on Saturday due to the spread of distemper, they are reportedly killing a large number of strays today:

Some of them would have been euthanized anyway, either because of aggressive behavior or other illness.

But now, even those that would have escaped that fate and eventually been moved to the adoption area will likely be put to sleep.

“All it takes is one dog, and everyone is sick,” said Matt Pepper, head of Memphis Animal Services. “When you take quick action like this, you hope to prevent a bigger problem.”

As many as 100 dogs might be killed today, in addition to the estimated 40 – 50 killed on Saturday.

These shelter webcam snapshots from this morning are offered without comment because at the moment, I am disgusted and incapable of much commentary beyond a string of words that would make a sailor blush.

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