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Shelter Pet of the Day

Charlie, submitted by reader Alyssa who writes:

I love my local dog shelter (dog law enforcement), and not many people can say that. In a confession direct from the dog warden, the shelter only had to euthanize 2% of the dogs taken in in 2010, and of those none were for lack of “space” but instead medically beyond help or too aggressive to adopt to the public. If I could sum up this shelter in a few words it would be “The Little Shelter That Could.” The dog warden and her assistant work constantly to care for the dogs, find rescue and adoptions for them, transport them to rescue, you name it they do it. Unfortunately on February 28th this little shelter was flooded. The dog warden (Sarina) arrived to work to find the shelter was flooding. She waded in to try and save the dogs but was getting shocked with electricity. The electric company had to be contacted to shut off the electricity to the fairgrounds where the shelter is located. By then the water had risen significantly and heavy equipment and the fire chief had to help with the rescue. The three littlest dogs drowned, but 19 were saved. Here is a video of the last couple dogs being saved.
Thankfully a kind volunteer couple who had a heated building for training their own pet and rescue dogs allowed the dog shelter make use of it.
The dog warden and her assistant and some of the volunteers worked long hours taking care of the dogs but the temporary conditions did not make cleaning easy and the dogs did not do well in the crates. Some of them went to rescues or were adopted, but the remaining dogs that survived the flood or were turned in or picked up as strays were moved back into the old dog shelter. The good news is the commissioners announced plans to build a new dog shelter at a new site in the county. But for now some of the dogs that survived the flood are back at the same shelter. They seem to be doing okay but it would be great to get them adopted or into rescues.
Charlie is one of the dogs who survived the flood and he would do great with someone who wants to spend a lot of one on one time exercising or training him. He’s very smart and loves people, so he would not be hard to train. Also with Ohio being a BSL state it would be great to get Charlie adopted to a rescue out of state or just into the right experienced home.

Morrow Co Dog Shelter
195 South Main Street
Mount Gilead, OH
(419) 946-1747

The shelter is also on Facebook.


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