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Char-Meck: Cats, Scarce; Chokepoles, Plentiful

Last week, an ACO from Charlotte-Mecklenburg AC & C took a cat on a local morning news show to promote an offsite adoption event.  This exchange between the news anchor and ACO Conner caught my attention:

Anna Kooiman: “Do you guys have a pretty big surge of cats in the shelter at the moment?”

Julia Conner: “At the moment we are kind of, uh, low on kitties but kitten season is coming and within the next month or so we will be filled with kittens… very, very soon.”

Low on kitties?  Oh hullo – what?  In 2010, Char-Meck killed 79% of the cats in their care.  The shelter hasn’t posted their kill stats for the past couple of months but, unless there has been a dramatic change for the better, one might assume they have continued to kill roughly 8 out of every 10 cats in their care.

New Rule:  You can not claim to be low on kitties when you are killing nearly 80% of the cats in your facility.

If anyone is interested in looking at the precious few cats Char-Meck does have at the moment, you can visit their Choke Pole Kitty Gallery listings on PetHarbor:
This one doesn’t look too fractious:
Added – Here is a named kitty, listed as adoptable, sitting in a chokepole noose: