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The Good News Department Overfloweth

Oreo in the "care" of someone being paid by taxpayers to protect him at MAS.
Oreo in the care of a Memphis rescuer, paying for the privilege of protecting him.
At MAS, Miss Prissy had to choose to lie either in her litter box or her food and water dishes.
In her new foster home, she doesn't have to make that choice any longer.
Senior Miss Kitty in jail at MAS.
Thanks to the kindness of local pet lovers, Miss Kitty is now in a foster home.
This was Sienna being mistreated at MAS. She was sick so MAS put her on the kill list.
After being rescued from MAS, Sienna is now at a vet clinic receiving the care she needs. Get well soon beautiful kitteh!

All of these cats were saved by Meows and BowWows Animal Rescue.  Thanks to their efforts, along with foster assistance and donations from the local community and pet lovers everywhere, these cats are now truly in a safe haven.  I loves me some irresponsible public!

Spoiler Alert:  I will have even more good news to post today.  Stay tuned.

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