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  1. My first thought, too – GET HER OUTTA THERE!!! How can we do that? Please . . . don’t let her die.

  2. have they ever heard of FOOD.. or BAIT.. duh.. pretty simple. I hope she gets out.. but I have my doubts

  3. Oh, I was so relived that didn’t end with a trip to the kill room! Clearly, that is one VERY intelligent little dog. Somebody get her outta there. Just curious, was she making friends w/ cats, or are those cages for small dogs?

    1. small dogs…or big ones if they are able to cram them in.
      No cats are in the stray dog area. They are all in the front until they are transported to the KR.

  4. OH I hope she GETS THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!!! Please keep us posted and can we get her OUT?

  5. In order to get her out, the shelter needs to be contacted to inquire if she is available for adoption. Since the ID # is unknown, best to include photos attached to an e-mail. If she is available, a local rescuer needs to be willing to pull and – most importantly – a plan must be in place for where she is to go. MAS keeps local rescuers in continual crisis mode with their “take this one or she’ll be killed” pleas. In order to avoid adding to the burden placed on them by MAS, it is up to whoever wants the dog saved to come up with a plan (temporary boarding on the way to foster or whatever).

  6. I see a pup who is bold in a strange and certainly daunting environment, bold with other dogs, and terrified of people.

    Well, at least the people at MAS.

    No doubt there would be some trust issues to start with. But it seems likely that this pup has good nerves and would come around with good handling.

    1. Agreed. And to which I would add:

      …The people at MAS with brooms and poles. She might be less scared of a normal person holding a hot dog.

  7. i’m praying for this wee girl….maybe….just maybe this wee girl might make it out……

  8. Looks like this little darling went to the kill room on May 31. Can’t be sure but a little black dog was taken from the same cage on that day. The sadness is overwhelming.

    1. Yes, I thought the same thing, scarlett. I was so devastated by the whole line of them being taken, I could only close my eyes, cry and pray that justice will be done, somehow. AC: REMEMBER THAT JUSTICE COMES IN MANY GUISES.

  9. They were probably so angry that she outsmarted them that she never had a chance. Breaks my heart.
    RIP, sweet puppy, and run, play and hide to your heart’s content at the Rainbow Bridge. No one can ever hurt you again.

    1. I was going to say the same thing that you did. RIP poor baby.

      Its so sad that such a loving little pup never even had a chance. On ‘Animal Cops’ they always say that puppies are usually adopted out within just a few days and they show them in their new home and everything at the end. This poor little girl didnt even get that chance to be seen.

  10. If I wasn’t in Ohio I would have broken her out. Bastards who make these decisions. Evil terrible souls to do this so often to so many. So sad…this is a hard post to follow. I keep praying for change and that’s all I feel I can do and so far I haven’t seen anything but heartbreak :(

  11. awww, that is so sad…that wee girl coulda made somebody a terrific pet…
    run tiny 1, run around. u had a moment of freedom n fun b4 they murdered u….i’m so sorry~if indeed they did take u 2 the kill room………..god, even the name~KILLROOM~kinda tears at u’r heart….i know that if they did take u there u’re having a great time across the Bridge. u’ll have lots of woofers n kitties 2 play with……..bless u’r precious heart for giving all of us a smile n a chuckle watching u running up n down the hall n it taking 3 ppl 3 corral u…..we love u, tiny 1,

  12. At least you have a name now, little girl. Your name is Hope – and in your memory, I will fight to make the changes to MAS that could have saved your life. Run free and happy and healthy, Hope, at the Rainbow Bridge. And wait for me to join you, for I will love you forever.

  13. I am nursing a stray kitty back to health who I believe was hit by a car. I named him Wily Kitty in memory our our Wily Puppy. Hope is a good name for her. So sad…

    1. awwww….it is, SO sad….i’ll keep a wee blue healing candle lit n send out prayers for u’r kitty. i hope she’s gonna b fine…bless u,

      1. Thank you. Every puppy and kitty should be loved. I appreciate the good thoughts.

      1. how’s Wily Kitty doing? is he ok? i hope so~i’ve still got his wee blue candle going…..

        i was SO hoping/praying~when a new post on our wee Hope~that somebody had adopted that wee girl n had just got around 2 telling us that Hope was safe….i’m so sad that my hopes of Hope have been dashed………….now i’m sad all over again…..

  14. I know what you mean dru. But because of Wiley Hope I have joined my local Humane Society and am learning to help the dogs from our local shelter, so something good has come from the baby’s death. I go to my second meeting tonight and have filled out an application to be a foster for unwanted dogs. I have also signed up to transport and to rescue.

    In our very rural county our Humane Society is unique. Our Humane Society does not have a building of their own. They are a small group of people who try to make a difference for the animals of our rural county. We meet in a local school building. The local Animal Shelter is run by the county and has county employees and like MAS, some do not care at all about the shelter pets. The shelter only takes dogs, no cats and has no runs, just cages, it’s pretty bad. The Dog Warden stopped fostering, or volunteering at the shelter and is not even open on weekends.

    If you google “Dog Warden Brown County Ohio gasses 37 Dogs” you will read an article that gives you the chills. And to make this more F’d up, this guy is STILL our dog warden. Currently the Humane Society is trying to take over the shelter but the commissioners are not convinced.

    If anyone could please write to the commissioners and tell them why the Humane Society should take over the Brown County Animal Shelter, we would appreciate it. We need support to do this and most locals don’t care one way or another. (thank you) An article on how the Humane Society is trying to take over the shelter is in the Brown County OH press and is available online.

    commissioners@browncountyohio.gov is their email address.

    Anyway….so you see that Wiley Hope has been an inspiration. It makes my blood boil that sweet baby was killed when it was obvious to me she wanted so much to live. It is because of Wiley Hope and her spirit that has encouraged/pushed me to get involved. I think of her everyday.

    Wiley Kitty is still hanging out on our back deck. He is doing much better. Still keep him in your prayers tho cause that big sore he had on his back end is almost healed but has opened again and I believe it’s a trip to the vets to have him checked out. I am a RN so I was asking around and doctoring him myself to save money, but it’s time to go to the vets. Wiley Kitty sits on my lap,kisses me and is a really nice guy. I’d let him move indoors except I have asthma from cats but honestly, he’s a tom cat who loves it outdoors and we don’t live on a busy street.

    Thanks for asking dru and sorry to go on about our local shelter but we could use people like you to write a letter or two. Thanks for keeping the candle lit. I wish we could save them all. :(


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