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Cruelty Case in Memphis

On Saturday, Memphis police officers and animal control officers seized 4 dogs from a pair of neighbors, citing animal cruelty.  One dog reportedly had an untreated leg wound that was infested with maggots and all four dogs suffered from inadequate food, water and shelter:

Cimone Beal, owner of the dog with the infected cut, was cited with two counts of animal cruelty and the dogs were taken. No one answered the door at her home.

Police also cited Beal’s next door neighbor, Jermaine Coleman, for neglecting his two dogs, something he didn’t deny.


“Pray to the good lord that they have a good home and somebody else can take care of them better than I can,” said Coleman.

I hope so too.  How about it MAS?  Are these 4 dogs available for adoption by people who can take good care of them?

If anyone has any information about these dogs, please let us know.  I’d like to help them get adopted, if we can find out any info.  MAS is closed today but if you would like to call or e-mail to inquire about these dogs, here is the contact info:

Phone: (901) 362-5310


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