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Since I will be offline for the next few days while I’m at the No Kill Conference, I’m going to leave this open thread for anyone who wants to chit-chat, share pets or what-have-you.  Links are fine but I would limit them to no more than 2 per comment in order to avoid being snagged by the moderation filter.  First-time commenters or any comment that WordPress deems In Need of Scrutiny by the Supreme Leader won’t be approved until I’m back online (Monday).

Anyone wanting to follow happenings at the NKC on Twitter can search for the #NKC2011 hashtag.  You can also check the No Kill Nation blog for workshop recaps and Christie Keith will be doing her usual liveblogging at the Pet Connection.  I’m sure there will be others as well.

22 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Have a great time at the NKC! I know we will be hearing a lot in the coming weeks.

    About the last post – I agree with a poster that an environmental agency (or two or ten) ought to be brought in (hopefully state or federal since we know how “efficient” the city agencies are). But I think it should come from someone actually in Memphis.

    Is there anyone local who is up to contacting the appropriate agency(ies) to inquire about the potential consequences of disposing of those poor dead animals en masse at the local landfill?

  2. Have a great time at the conference! Here is a small clip of Sweet Jane and her first outing to the pet food store. Her tail never stops wagging.

    1. Ona, she looks wonderful and so very happy. How is she with cats?
      @Dot – Sweet Jane is one of the few lucky ones who were snatched from the jaws of death (aka MAS) via this blog and some amazing people in Memphis.
      You made my day with this video. Thank God that she was saved. Bless you all for making it happen.

      1. Baby Jane would be great with cats. It’s not the dog, but the caretaker that makes them good with cats. I’ve had many dogs & always had cats with little to no problems whatsoever.

        It’s so great to see a winner dog enjoying life as they should. It’s great to know that together we can save doggies & kitties from certain death at MAS. We all need to support those who would take in & save more lives like Sweet Baby Jane. There’s many more there waiting.

  3. Sweet Jane and Henry! Yay Ona (and Lou Ann). I still don’t understand how MAS comes to their conclusion that these dogs had behavior problems – so they would be killed…..they are the sweetest pups…….Ona, saw your quote in the CA – couldn’t agree with you more! IF MAS would go NO KILL, the incinerator issue would be much less of an issue…..but that would take effort ….and we know what that means.

  4. Gosh, Jane behaved so nicely in that clip! Even when the other dog was being a little rude with his paw on her head and neck, she just kept trying to lick his muzzle. And when a little over-excited, she kept checking in with you. Great signals on her part.

    She is going to make someone a FABULOUS pet.

    1. she looks very sweet.
      however, you do need to watch that muzzle licking behavior. It’s always described as appeasement, but I can tell you from personal experience that as Jane gets older, it can be very annoying to certain other dogs. It’s almost as if they regard it as what we would call “passive aggressive” in humans. So watch how the other dog reacts. In this case, the white sherpherdy type dog was responding with equal-level puppy rudeness which didn’t bother Jane at all.

  5. Hope you have fun at the conference! :)

    Its right near me, and my friend and I wanted to go but 1. We discovered its sold out and 2. It’s $200 a ticket. Maybe someday I’ll either be rich or it will be more accessible to the public! I can dream!

  6. On the other hand, I have a little hound mix who does it to everyone…eventually, they all give in and treat her like the puppy she THINKS she is. Even the grumpiest of the grumpy. Something to watch, but certainly not obsess about imho.

    1. I agree. My dog got a different reaction. The dogs tell us when there’s a problem, so watching the lickee is key

  7. Oh No… my latest foster is a licker… it’s like she’s going overboard to fit in. I have three of my own dogs. One is the boss , but couldn’t care less about the role. One is the queen and protects the other dogs, the third is my tomboy, who’s motto is.. “Girls just wanna have fun”. .Julie (foster) is my wall flower blooming. She arrived here starved and abused, on deaths door on May 30.. she’s come a long way. She’s my 14th rescue in 12 months and my worst case of animal abuse/neglect. Fostering is wonderful and it does save lives.

  8. Just want to say as someone less-familiar with (but growing fonder and fonder of …. ;-)) rescue pups than with rescue cats, you folks are all awesome! I learned stuff just watching the video and reading your exchange about it. And how wonderful that Yesbiscuit could help save Sweet Jane from an MAS end. Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

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