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Chesterfield Co Animal Control Officers Fired

The four ACOs from Chesterfield Co, SC who were allegedly shooting dogs to death in a landfill near the pound as a form of “euthanasia” have been fired.  They weren’t fired because Sheriff Sam Parker – who oversees the pound – finally put his foot down and announced it was unacceptable to shoot dogs to death, nor were they fired due to discrepancies related to the pound’s “euthanasia” drugs (which were apparently not being used on pets).  The four men were fired, after a five month vacation on the taxpayers’ dime, not because they were allegedly beating cats’ heads in with pipes, but according to Fox Charlotte:

Parker says the decision was budgetary.

Sheriff Parker issued a statement regarding the situation which can be read here.  It basically says everyone makes mistakes, keep your opinions to yourself, the Attorney General’s office hasn’t made a ruling on the case – oh and “God’s creatures” blah.

So apparently there are some openings in Chesterfield Co for people who like to torture pets.  Animal abusers, come on down.

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