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Lazy and Lazier

Lazy: The Okefenokee Humane Society in GA keeps up to 100 dogs and 20 cats in its metal roof facility which has no electricity. Over the past few months, 14 dogs have died of heatstroke there.

[Manager Ben] Hood said the shelter has the materials to wire the kennel so fans can be added. He said Waycross City Manager Deron King has pledged to send an electrician to do the wiring.

They have the means to add fans. They just haven’t done it. Nice that some city pol is making a “pledge” now but it would have really been more impressive if someone had taken action a leetle sooner. Maybe before the first dog suffered and died. Or the 8th. Or the 13th.

The AP picked up the story so I’m assuming something will actually get done now.

Lazier:  In June, the owner of a yellow Lab in Balch Springs, TX lost his dog.  He called and visited the local shelter several times in an effort to find her.  No one from the shelter returned his calls.  The manager, Ashley Julius, reportedly “oops-killed” the dog and, when confronted, told the owner the dog had been adopted out to a swell family.  But the city didn’t fire her for that.  They kept her on so she could continue to blaze her trail of oops.

Last month, Ms. Julius put 6 dogs outside in 110 degree heat while she cleaned their indoor kennels and oops – she forgot to give them water.  Five hours later, it was determined that oops – she forgot to bring the dogs back inside.  By that time, oops – one dog was dead and the others were suffering from heatstroke.

Ashley Julius was terminated by the city, but police are not pursuing cruelty charges against her.

Yeah, that sounds like entirely too much work.

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