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A Fork in the Road

A cat is dangled in the isolation area at MAS.

Matt Pepper, the director of Memphis Animal Services for the past year and a half, has quit.  He leaves in his wake a city pound in turmoil, with one ACO facing criminal charges on multiple counts of animal cruelty, daily webcam images which appear to show needless killing and abuse, and locks on the doors to the stray area where hundreds of dogs languish without hope.

Two dogs, never offered to the public for adoption, are taken from the stray area at MAS to the kill room.

I hope, with all my heart, that the annual slaughter of thousands of healthy, friendly Memphis pets ends here.  I hope the city will seize the opportunity to put in place a compassionate, innovative leader like Dr. Ellen Jefferson in Austin or Bonney Brown in Reno – someone committed to implementing the programs proven to save pets’ lives.

Too scared to walk, a dog is dragged down the aisle in the stray area at MAS.

This is your moment Memphis.  You have a choice.  Please, stop the abuse.  Stop the killing.

An incoming dog is dragged to a cage in the stray area at MAS.


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