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Allegations of Abuse at Calhoun Co Pound

A video posted on You Tube features two former employees of Calhoun Co Animal Control in AL making allegations of cruelty at the pound.  (Warning:  The narrative is disturbing to hear and the descriptions of pet abuse are graphic.)  Among the allegations are the use of heartstick without sedation, allowing pets in severe pain to suffer and die on their own instead of promptly euthanizing them, beating pets to death, dogs being bagged alive after botched heartsticks and chewing their way through the garbage bags, and throwing puppies in a sink filled with urine, feces and blood (from previously killed pets) to die slowly after botched kill shots.

I asked a local advocate for some additional evidence and received a number of photos.  Some are too disturbing to post here but I am including a few others for your review:

This shot appears to show multiple dogs in a filthy pen with kibble on the floor.
Another shot which appears to show multiple dogs in a filthy pen.
This photo appears to show multiple dogs in a filthy pen. The puppy appears to be old enough to require water yet the bucket in the photo looks to be too large for him to drink from.

I called Calhoun Co AC for their response to these allegations and was directed to county commissioner Eli Henderson for comment.  Mr. Henderson told me the pound has a vet on call and he was right there in the office at the time of my call.  He helped answer some of my questions.  Mr. Henderson explained they were about to have a meeting with their attorney and they’d been inundated with calls over the cruelty allegations.

Mr. Henderson characterized the two individuals making the allegations as “disgruntled former employees” and added that “none of the stories have turned out to be true”.  He said the allegations were referring to a time in the past (a couple of years ago) when they had a different director whom they had some problems with and is no longer employed at the pound.  I asked about the allegations regarding the current employee named in the video and he reiterated that the allegations are false.  Specifically, he said pets at the Calhoun Co AC facility are killed via IV injection and a sedative is given if needed.  I inquired as to whom I should file a FOIA request for shelter records and he said to file with the shelter directly which I have done.

I expect to receive additional documentation from the local advocate as well as the shelter records I requested in the near future.  When I do, I will of course follow up on this post.

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