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Mass Killing at TX Pound

The Humane Society of Northeast Texas in Gregg Co has had nine dogs die of undetermined causes recently post adoption/rescue.  One of those dogs tested positive for canine distemper.  As a result, the pound is closing for a week while the staff kills every dog in the place – approximately 154 pets – and then cleans the facility thoroughly.

The lack of humility is staggering.  What gives this shelter director the right to decide to kill 154 dogs indiscriminately?  What if the dogs aren’t showing symptoms of distemper?  What if members of the public and rescuers are willing to responsibly quarantine them to save their lives?

The pound’s executive director is Christine Kerr:

“If I have a message for the public, it is to please vaccinate your animals. Please spay and neuter your animals, because it is so very important to take care of your animals properly,” Kerr said.

Vaccinate, spay and neuter?  It sounds to me as if Ms. Kerr is using her “message for the public” to remind us that we are all irresponsible pet owners and to imply that we are to blame for her barbaric killing spree.  Sorry, no sale.

We are a real humane society – small h, small s.  We don’t want healthy/treatable pets killed in our shelters.  Ms. Kerr needs to own her actions.  She is responsible for this massive killing.  She made the decision to kill every dog in her care without seeking reasonable alternatives.  Vaccinate, spay & neuter – my ass.

Goodbye 154 dogs who had no one advocating for them.  I’m so sorry you fell into the hands of people who refused to protect you from harm.  You were wanted.  You were loved.  Even if you weren’t treated that way in the end.

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