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Kapone – Home for Christmas

As many of you have already shared, Kapone has been found alive in Mississippi.  He has been reunited with his family.  A tip to Crimestoppers led police to the home where Kapone was found.  The people at the home have not been arrested.  I will update this post as details develop (please hit refresh to view updates).

Update #1 from My Fox Memphis (thanks Clarice):

Kapone, a dog that’s been missing for nearly 6 months, has been found in a backyard in Senatobia, Mississippi, where he was likely being used for breeding purposes.


An $8,000 reward was offered for information leading to Kapone’s rescue. The unidentified tipster that alerted authorities to his whereabouts turned down that reward.

Update #2 – The Commercial Appeal story has been updated to include some additional photos (include one of Cindy Sanders with Kapone!).  It says the tip was called in anonymously.  And:

[Owner Darrell] Shoup said he can’t reclaim Kapone until the homeowners on Peachtree Drive, where Kapone was found, come to the station and give a statement.

Update #3WREG has a video clip up. Kapone was the lead story at the 5 o’clock newscast! In the report, it says police received the tip, went to the home, and Kapone answered to his name! Hearing that just made me smile.

Update #4 – WMC-TV also put Kapone at the top of its broadcast.  Video here.  That report indicates there were Pitbull pups in the yard with Kapone at the time police arrived.

Update #5ABC 24 has a video up as well and that clip has footage of Kapone!

Update for December 21, 2011:

Update #6Video of Kapone’s arrival home, being reunited with Brooke.  The article indicates the people at the home where Kapone was found say he was a stray who wandered into their yard.  I hope police will be investigating that claim.

Updates for December 22, 2011:

Update #7 – WMC-TV:

Three months ago, [animal advocate Beverly] King heard vague tips about Kapone’s whereabouts from sources in Mississippi.

“I had heard that he was being passed around to breed,” said King.

Update #8 – The Commercial Appeal says Kapone has been checked out by a vet.  He’s heartworm positive, has some lung congestion and an enlarged heart but otherwise good.

Update #9 – Kapone was an in-studio guest on a MyFoxMemphis newscast and Beverly King said they are negotiating with the tipster about giving him/her at least some of the reward money.

Update #10Police in Senatobia, MS (where Kapone was found) say they are still trying to get the full story from the man who had him.  So far they’ve heard Kapone was a stray and that he was a gift.

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