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Backstory on Getting Kapone Home

Pet advocate Beverly King has worked behind the scenes to help find Kapone ever since he was apparently stolen in June by someone employed at Memphis Animal Services.  She remained dedicated to bringing him home for 6 months, often having to perform difficult tasks.  She sent me a brief note about her experience which I am sharing here with her permission.  Thank you Beverly for your inspiring devotion and hard work.

Gee, what a week. CrimeStoppers always passed on the tips about Kapone to me for investigation. In the beginning, there were dead dogs thrown out into fields, on sides of roads, etc. that the tipsters said may be Kapone. There was even one dog that was decapitated. So, off I would go with my little CSI kit (photos of Kapone, flip video, digital camera, etc) . . Even the live “sightings” turned out to be dogs that looked nothing liked Kapone. When I got the tip Monday from CrimeStoppers and investigated, I was so excited that I went numb for awhile. After I quit shaking, I called Buddy Chapman, Director of Crimestoppers, and he didn’t believe me. I kept saying, “It’s Kapone, it’s Kapone”. It really was unbelievable, and it was 1 in a million chance that Kapone would be found alive. Even though I kept saying. “It’s Kapone”, Director Chapman held out some reservation, but the decision was made to move on it the next day and take the owner to the location for positive identification. I called Cindy, and we caravaned down to Senatobia. The owner did not know where we were taking him until we left for Senatobia. Dir. Chapman coordinated with the Senatobia police to move in once the owner gave the thumbs up. The rest is history.

A recent photo of Kapone with his kids, as posted on Facebook.

Additional photos of Kapone, reunited with his family, can be found here.

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