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  1. In addition to posting links and/or just chit-chat, I thought this might be a good spot to take an informal poll. I hate that WordPress puts ads on the blog for its own profit. On the other hand, I’m glad WordPress is free. They do offer an option to kill the ads and allow video posting (which I already have the video posting privilege until April I believe) for $99 a year. Here’s the poll:

    How do you feel about the ads on the blog? Are they no bother, kind of annoying but not so much that you’d reach for your wallet or do you hate them enough to make a donation to have them killed for one year?

    If enough people indicate they want the ads killed, I’ll start a ChipIn. If most people don’t really care one way or the other, I’ll leave things as they are.

    1. Firefox + Ad Block Plus = no ads seen. On ANY web site.

      And I’m sure other good browsers have ad blocking options as well.

      So, anyone who doesn’t like the ads has options to not see them without you having to shell out any money.

      1. Oh! Thanks for that tip! Ad Block Plus is free? As blog owner, I don’t see the ads here (WordPress at least does me that courtesy) but knowing that they are there, I was concerned they might be annoying to readers. I will definitely be checking into that Ad Block Plus thingy.

      2. Yeah…I was going to say, “What ads?” I never see them – Firefox+AdBlockPlus is apparently working…

    2. So I’m looking like the only dolt that normally does see the ads! Don’t see any TODAY though! And honestly they don’t normally bother me that much….I’ve gotten use to looking past them on everything anyways! LOL

      Shirley – wanted to ask if that video ability thingy is up in April…..does Word Press offer an option to have video for longer than a year….maybe a 5 year or hell, even lifetime option? Just thinking maybe it might be more cost effective if we just go ahead and do a chip in for a larger amount if it’s going to cover a longer period of time.

      I’d love to be saying we won’t need this blog in a year because every shelter in the nation has gone No Kill, but trying to be realistic here! And I was looking around at some other places and noticed they had some deals on optional services if they were purchased for longer periods of time so thought I’d just ask you about it, especially since Word Press isn’t one I know much about!

      1. The only option at this time is a one year subscription to Videopress for $60 AFAIK.

        Oh and you will ALWAYS read this blog. No matter what. Forever and ever.

      2. Shirley – even if I don’t post every day I always read your blog – ALWAYS! I hope you know how very much YOU have inspired me…not just in my day to day rescuing effort – but in the *big picture* of life. If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t be going back to school so that I can either run a shelter or open my own rescue! I want you to know how much I appreciate you for taking the time to do this blog….the good, the bad, and the ugly! I may cry half the time but the change that has been enacted because of this blog amazes me day in and day out.

        Keep it up!

  2. This is a simple thank you to all those who cannot turn away when so many others just pass by. This is a hero award to all those who give beyond what they have to create a future for an indigent animal. This is a humble offer of gratitude to every person who advocates for our silent victims. May the new year bring a ray of hope.

  3. I use my computer at work that has a hell of a firewall. I never see ads or popups here. I have a MacBook at home and nothing get through that either. I’d be glad to chipin a few bucks to save everyone’s sanity though!

    1. I was signed out of WordPress one time and read a post and saw an ad (for a frikkin’ washing machine) between the end of the post and the comments section. I assume that’s where they normally appear.

  4. The ads don’t bother me but when I first came to this site I thought they were part of your blog but now I am the wiser! Also, I wholeheartedly agree with what Cathy Karr said above! Bravo to all that do the work for the voiceless. May this new year bring about many good changes to the world of homeless and forgotten animals!

  5. I am looking for help transporting a cat from Griffin GA to Fairfax VA. We have a professional transporter who can take him for between $100 and $200 (depends on if we share the transport with another facility or not) but I would like to see if we can avoid spending that much. The earliest he could go would be next Wed. We have boarding for him at $5 a day until he can be transported so a few extra days won’t really hurt if we can’t transport until that weekend. Any ideas?



    1. That transport fee doesn’t sound too bad, especially if it’s closer to $100 than $200. When I was looking at paid transports for Surrey, I found one for $150 – and that wouldn’t have even gotten her out of TN! I still had several more states to get her across so luckily I found generous volunteers willing to help.

  6. Hate…no dread…asking this one – but does ANYONE have any type of an update with MAS on where they are with the director position being filled? I’ve been trying to follow them but life kinda got in the way…..an old pit that can barely walk and get’s carried like a queen and another old pit that lost his hearing and I’ve got incredibly fancy training him…have been taking up ALL my free time lately and I fear that skimming of the postings on here lately. Sorry!

      1. Any director they get who can properly manage the shelter (that means TRAIN the employees in humane care, have accountability, and make life-saving a priority) will have my full support. Whoever you are, I’ll back you like you’re my best bud.

        Please, please let it be someone competent. Not another Matt Pepper…please.

  7. For anyone who cares, Ranger has finally learned how to play with other dogs, and he now WAGS HIS TAIL – something he didn’t use to do. Hooray!

    1. Yay Ranger, Yay Morgana!
      And ditto on the Happy New Year to one and all.
      p.s. never knew there were ads here! (Didn’t have a clue about any blocker either, but, well, there you have it.)

  8. This probably belongs on the original thread for Scruffy, but . . . just glanced at the number of comments on the AZ Humane Society story on HuffPost (HP ran the first AP story as well as the “rescue group in crisis” follow-up). Comments to the first AP story number almost 6,000. This is great exposure! (And yes, they do use the word “euthanize” in the headline . . . but it’s clear that readers saw through the word instantly.)


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