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Action Alert: Call Memphis Mayor to Protest MAS Closing on Saturday

We all must choose our battles.  Sometimes though, the battle chooses us.  Whatever my logical mind may be trying to tell me about this one, my heart is doing that LA-LA-LA-I-CAN’T-HEAR-YOU thing.  Which is another way of saying – even if it seems like a losing battle, I can’t let this one go.

The Memphis pound is closing this weekend for mandatory employee training on pet killing. Sunday will be the “practical” – that is, killing actual pets. MAS kills more than 11,000 pets a year. And they say they’ve got to close on the weekend – which is their greatest chance for increased traffic and adoptions – for more killing?  This sucks.  Balls.

Please pick up the phone and speak for the pets at MAS who won’t be adopted this weekend but who will be killed in a practical for a killing course – call Memphis Mayor AC Wharton at (901) 576-6000.

Attention Mayor Wharton, Janet Hooks, LaSonya Hall et al:

Memphis, if you will pledge to open up your pound on Saturday for a full day and post every pet – all 500 or so of them – online (which you can do easily with your Chameleon software and existing pet records), I will pledge to sit at my computer from the time I get off work Friday and all day Saturday networking your pets.  I will ask everyone I know to help.  I will be totally annoying – so much so that some people will probably help just to shut me up.  I will try my damnedest to empty out your facility so you do not have any pets left to practice killing on by the time Sunday rolls around.  No charge.  What do you say?

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