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Another Failure for Memphis and for MSN

Despite being the recipient of international condemnation for its mistreatment of community pets, the city of Memphis enacted a mandatory spay-neuter (MSN) law in late 2010.  MSN sacrifices pets’ lives to ideology.  MSN does not reduce/eliminate shelter pet killing and it’s failed everywhere it’s been enacted.  Some examples:

As a result, most every major animal welfare group in the country opposes MSN.  That list includes:

Memphis took in 15,401 pets in 2010 and killed 11,906 of them.  2011 was the first full year with MSN in place and the pound was closed for part of November while the facility moved to a new building.  Intakes and killings dropped significantly that month, as one would expect.  But even with the reduced numbers for November, MAS still took in 15,042 pets in 2011, killing 11,030 of them.  As such, Memphis joins the list of cities where MSN failed to stem the tide of pet impounds and killings.

A dog from the stray area at the old MAS facility is dragged to the kill room on November 5, 2011.

Tragically, MAS killed 73% of the pets in its care in 2011.  But there is a way to end this hemorrhaging of compassion in Memphis.  There is a set of programs which has been proven to eliminate the needless killing of shelter pets.  It’s called the No Kill Equation.

You can’t pass legislation which punishes pet owners as a means to stop the killing.  You can’t turn off the webcams and lock animal advocates out of your meetings as a means to stop the killing.  You can’t blame the public as a means to stop the killing.  But you can stop the killing Memphis.  Get rid of your failed MSN law, turn the webcams back on, open up your meetings, accept help from the public and implement the proven programs of the No Kill Equation.  You could start saving pets today.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.


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