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Matthew Pepper’s Warped Explanation

Many readers will remember former director Matthew Pepper’s numerous you-are-not-seeing-what-you-are-seeing explanations for the webcam horrors observed during his time at the Memphis pound.  When it became evident that many people in Memphis failed to appreciate these explanations, Matthew Pepper went to Bernalillo Co NM to try his material on a new audience.

A whistleblower went to local TV news station KOB with photos depicting filthy crates containing dried urine and feces at the Bernalillo Co pound.  Oh and dogs – some contained dogs too.  The whistleblower stated the photos were taken in January 2012.  The prints were stamped with a January 2012 date of development on the back.

The local news showed up unannounced at the pound, photos in hand.  They observed and filmed the same disgusting conditions as those in the pictures.  When confronted with this seemingly irrefutable evidence, Matthew Pepper tried a dual approach to denial.  First, he said the crates weren’t covered in dried urine and feces:

“The crates can sometimes get warped and give them the appearance of being dirty.”

When that ship sank, he offered the idea that the photos must be old, taken before he was director.  Never mind that they were developed in January 2012.  Never mind that the same exact conditions were documented at the news crew’s unannounced visit in February.  Look – a squirrel in a funny hat!

During the visit, a volunteer was ordered to immediately begin cleaning and putting away the filthy crates.  I’m not an attorney but isn’t that called “evidence tampering” or something?

KOB asked Pepper if the crates would be in a cleaner state upon a re-inspection.

“The crates may not even be here,” Pepper responded.

Destruction of evidence?

When the news crew showed the photos to the top county commissioner, he too attempted to run with the these-pictures-must-be-from-the-before-time excuse but the reporter was not impressed.  (Listen to how he closes his video piece.)

These horrible conditions would no doubt bring animal cruelty charges to any person found to be harboring dogs in filth like this at home.  I expect their dogs would be taken from them too.  Why does the law not apply to Matthew Pepper and the Bernalillo Co pound?

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