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Action Alert: Contact Memphis Mayor Regarding Neglect at the Pound

In 2009, on Mayor Wharton’s first day in office, sheriff’s deputies raided the Memphis pound and the subsequent investigation determined that MAS was starving dogs to death.  In response to the public outcry, Mayor Wharton promised reform and transparency at the pound, installing live streaming webcams accessible by the public.  Mayor Wharton broke his promises.  After the webcams revealed apparent abuse of pets at the pound, Mayor Wharton had them removed in 2011.  Reform never came.

In 2012, there are again allegations of dogs being starved at MAS: uncovered an animal control worker filed a police report earlier this month about shelter conditions.

According to the police report, there has been and continues to be neglect at the shelter. The animal control officer stated that as of last week, she found several dogs emaciated and sickly. The report also said the animal control officer advised management on several occasions that the animals were not being fed or cared for, and after telling management, no one took action.

Management does not care.  I am thankful one ACO stood up and took action but this person needs support.  There is a systemic rot in the politics of abuse and needless pet killing in Memphis.

Please contact Mayor Wharton and speak for the pets at MAS.  Demand that the mayor keep his promises of transparency and reform.  A sample note is included below which anyone is free to copy.  If you prefer to write your own letter, please keep your comments respectful.

Dear Mayor Wharton,

In 2009, you promised the pets at the Memphis pound would no longer be starving or neglected.  You had public webcams installed so that there would be no secrets as to how the pets at the pound were treated.  But when those webcams revealed what appears to be mistreatment and abuse, you had them removed.  Now there is a report that dogs are again being neglected and starved at your pound.

Please reinstall the public webcams immediately and bring meaningful reform to the pound.  Memphis can not afford to remain a pet killing city any longer.  The link below provides information about how Memphis could restore the public’s confidence, save money and pets’ lives by transforming the community to no kill.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.


Mayor Wharton, contact information:

Office of the Mayor, 125 N. Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103

Fax:  (901) 576-6200

Phone:  (901) 576-6000


Mayor Wharton on Twitter

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