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Three Dogs Dragged Off ACO Trucks at MAS

This clip, obtained via FOIA request, shows 2 adult dogs and 1 puppy being dragged off the ACO truck at the Memphis pound.  They are recognizable as dogs we’ve seen abused on other camera views.  (I have put together the 3 different clips of the one adult dog and the puppy and will post those tomorrow.)

Warning:  This video shows dogs being hauled from the truck down to the concrete via chokepole, lifted by the chokepole and one dog appears to be dragged directly into a wall, smashing his head.

If you would like to join our letter writing campaign, please contact city leaders in Memphis to speak for the pets at MAS.  Please keep your comments respectful. We can condemn what’s going on at the pound while maintaining civility and a sense of professionalism.

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