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Shelter Pets of the Day

The Petfinder page for the Estill Co pound in KY says it is “very rescue friendly” and begins its rescue guidelines as follows:

you can rescue a animal when it is due to be euthanized, or adopt that pet if you really wish it.

The pound has zero pets listed on its Petfinder site and the same number posted on its FB page.  These are some of the animals posted by a rescue group on FB.  (Thank you Dot for sending me these links.)

Cat at Estill Co pound, as posted on Facebook.

The rescue group which posted this cat on Facebook describes her as being “unsure of people”. I would guess that she might be more accurately described as “sure of these people”.

Litter of kittens at Estill Co pound, as posted on Facebook.

Estill Co Animal Shelter
50 Ginter Rd
Ravenna, Kentucky 40336

(606) 723-3587

This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

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