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Gas Chambers We Love, by HSUS

The Davidson Co pound in NC sells dogs for $95 and cats for $75.  But they don’t sell any dog they deem a Pitbull or a Pitbull mix.  And they don’t sell too many other pets either.

In 2010, the pound killed 88% of its pets.  Statistics haven’t been released yet for 2011 but supposedly the pound is killing less animals now than in past.  Still, this unknown-kill-rate-that-is-supposedly-less-than-88-freaking-percent represents thousands of animals being stuffed into the gas chamber each year at the Davidson Co pound, often illegally and sometimes sadistically.

Who would LOVE this “shelter”?  Why HSUS, natch:

The Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington has received an award from the Humane Society of the United States and the N.C. Voters for Animal Welfare[.]

The shelter was one of four in North Carolina to receive a “Shelter We Love” award from the two groups in a ceremony in front the Legislative Building in Raleigh on June 13.

Awwww, it’s wuuuuuuuuuv!

Animal advocates tried to get the county to shut down the gas chamber last year but the commissioners couldn’t be bothered to vote on the issue so the gassing has continued.

[Caleb] Scott, of the N.C. Voters for Animal Welfare, which lobbies state legislators on behalf of animals, said his group gave the Davidson shelter the award because of the positive changes that shelter employees are making.

“We don’t dwell on the negative consequences of the past,” Scott said. “We are focusing on the future.”

And to be clear, the future (and present) for animals at the Davidson Co pound is death by gas chamber.  Lots of it.  And no hope for any dog labeled a Pitbull or Pitbull mix.  At a “shelter” HSUS loves so much, they gave it an award.


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