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Memphis Pound in Violation of Everything

The MAS Policies and Procedures manual provided by the city of Memphis via FOIA request this month is expired.  But it is apparently still in use.  It contains details of exceptions to the legally mandated stray holding period for animals who are suffering:

On September 5, 2012, a 2 year old female Pitbull (ID #245865) was impounded as a stray by an ACO.  That same day, a notation was made in the dog’s record that she needed treatment for a skin condition.  On September 6, the MAS veterinarian made a differential diagnosis of “mange” (type not specified) and noted a treatment plan consisting of antibiotics and medicated baths.

There appears to be an error somewhere in the dates of this dog’s records because on September 5 – the date of impound and the day prior to the exam – she was killed.  The MAS vet signed her kill record indicating “generalized pyoderma”.  I can’t say which date is incorrect but clearly the dog could not have been killed on September 5 and examined on September 6.  (Right?)

Regardless of whether the killing took place on the 5th, as indicated in the records, or possibly the 6th, it does not comply with local and state laws regarding the mandatory holding period for stray pets.  Further, it appears to be a violation of MAS policy as suspected mange is not one of the killing exceptions outlined in the manual regarding strays, particularly given that there were plenty of empty cages to house the dog alone, as required.

This young dog with a treatable skin condition had a right to live.  She also had the right to be held for the legally required period so that her owner, if she had one, could find her.  But she had no “Friends” advocating for her.  The MAS vet was apparently not advocating for her and neither was anyone else at the pound.

At MAS, they kill pets while disregarding local and state laws.  They even defy their own internal policies and procedures.  They kill indiscriminately because they can.  How many more, Memphis?

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