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Fire Up the Cupcake Machine: Another Dungeon Ignored by HSUS

There is currently some online drama surrounding the Humane Society of Richmond Co in NC.  The basic issue appears to involve money and has the board threatening to terminate its animal control contract with the county.  E-mails and Facebook postings are circulating stating basically that 250 pets at the HSRC have until October 31 to get adopted before the evil county takes over and starts killing animals.  But as Fix NC points out, the HSRC is already killing animals – more than 70% of those who came through the door in 2011.  Could the county possibly be worse?

Reader Dot contacted me about a number of pets at HSRC posted on FB whom she wanted to help network but was unable to because the photos contain no identifying information.  And they depict pets who appear to be suffering in filthy conditions and without veterinary care.  Here are some of the unidentified pets posted on the HSRC Facebook page.  As heart wrenching as the dog photos are, I found it even harder to look through the cats.  Many of them are at the front of the cages, crying or reaching out, apparently starved for attention and desperate to be let out of their cages.

Again I ask, why isn’t HSUS helping the pets at this shelter?  The NC chapter of HSUS is constantly telling us how wonderful the shelters there are and how it’s the so-called irresponsible public that needs to be punished.  Ask them why they are ignoring the suffering of pets at the Humane Society of Richmond Co.

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