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More on Pets Seized from FL Rescue

(Read the original post from yesterday.)

What would you expect to find if you walked into a pet rescue facility housing more than 100 dogs and cats first thing in the morning?  I would suggest the following:

When police raided the ARK animal shelter in Deland, FL, they apparently found some form of all the circumstances above.  In combination with the facts that they had been to ARK in July regarding violations (which were rectified) and had received multiple complaints about ARK since that time, police sought a warrant to seize all the animals.

Police say conditions at Ark put animal lives in jeopardy, including a cat that had puss all over its face and its eye encrusted.

A vet documented an ulcer on the cornea of another cat with blood discharging from it. The cat could lose the eye. A kitten found in the facility died Saturday.

Officers said things were deplorable inside and out, with cats and dogs everywhere — too many to a cage.

Watch the videos, read the ACO’s affidavit documenting the history and post a comment with your thoughts.  Do the videos and affidavit help you to form an opinion on whether authorities needed to take every pet from the facility?  Do you believe charges should be filed against ARK?

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