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Discussion: New Intake Process at MI Humane Society

In 2011, the Michigan Humane Society killed 67% of the dogs and cats in its care despite the fact that it does not hold an animal control contract.  In January 2013, MHS will implement a new policy on owner surrendered pets, which will be done by appointment:

[Y]our pet will be evaluated by a trained MHS evaluator for health and temperament, the results of which we will discuss with you after the evaluation is completed. At this point, we will tell you whether or not your pet would be a good candidate for adoption.   If so, the animal will be placed up for adoption immediately. If not, we will discuss other options, which can include finding an alternate home for the animal, sharing information that can help resolve any problem issues the pet has, or in some cases, humane euthanasia.

The evaluator is neither a behaviorist nor a veterinarian.  Owners will be asked to pay a $28 surrender fee.

Do you think the new intake process will help curb the killing at MHS in 2013?  Could it make things worse?  Or do you see the change as having no significant impact on the killing there?

(Thanks Jennifer for sending me this link.)

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