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Don’t Make Us Sic HSUS on You

The Halifax Co pound in NC is a catch and kill facility that is not open to the public for adoptions.  A well intentioned but obviously misinformed pet advocate recently wrote to the county in an attempt to get them to open their doors to adopters:

A recent email from N.C. Advocate Jane Tzilvelis, of N.C. Abandoned and Homeless State Pets, threatened the county with consequences from the Humane Society of the United States.

“Perhaps, after the HSUS puts your shelter on the map to the public, you will consider allowing North Carolina taxpayers entrance into the Halifax County Animal Shelter,” she said in the email. “I heard you are the next shelter project on the HSUS list.”

I commend the effort to hold the county accountable for its failures on behalf of the community pets in Halifax Co but let’s be clear:  HSUS has never brought meaningful reform to any animal shelter anywhere.  HSUS has created zero no kill communities.  If “HSUS puts your shelter on the map to the public” it will likely be to give the pet killing facility an award or to chastise locals for not bringing the staff enough cupcakes.

[Halifax County Manager Tony] Brown said the Halifax County Animal Shelter is compliant with all state laws[.]

It’s an interesting use of the word “compliant” and a novel one.  In the state of NC, the law requires municipal shelters to be open to the public and to make unclaimed pets available for adoption.  Halifax Co does neither.  Which probably makes HSUS love them even more.

I hope people keep advocating for the Halifax Co pound to start doing its job.  But don’t count on any help from HSUS.  They are killing apologists and enablers who use their millions bilked from unsuspecting donors to whitewash the reputation of dog torturer Michael Vick and fake-rescue pets for the cameras.

Hurray for torturing and killing dogs. Also: financial profit.
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