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There ought to be a law.

Our public animal “shelters” are killing dogs and cats.  They are killing healthy dogs and friendly cats.  They kill dogs who haven’t been taught to walk on a leash and cats whose home is the community.  They kill the old, the young, the middle aged.

Some “shelters” are killing animals who are pregnant as well as pets who have already been neutered.  They kill pets who have become separated from their families and whose families want them back home.  They kill because the owner can’t afford to pay the arbitrary fines in order to bail the pet out.  They kill because they are too lazy to reunite the lost pet with the person who loves him.

Many “shelters” kill pets with readily treatable medical conditions such as coughs, colds and skin mites.  Some kill because the only veterinary drug they budget for is Fatal Plus.  They kill because healthy pets might get sick after being improperly housed with sick pets.

Our “shelters” kill because they surround themselves with enablers who attempt to justify the killing and stamp their seal of approval on every dead pet that goes into the dumpster.  They kill animals rescuers are willing to save, sometimes in retaliation for perceived slights.  They kill animals the public would adopt or foster, if only the shelter would allow the public to see all the pets at the facility.

They kill instead of doing their jobs.

They kill because they can.

There ought to be a law.  And there is.  A guide to getting the Companion Animal Protection Act passed in your city, county or state.

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