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MS Holding Facility Gone but What Will Take Its Place?

The hellhole where stray dogs and cats were being kept by the city of Ellisville, MS has been demolished.  That is a good first step and wholly attributable to compassionate people who voiced their concerns about the plight of the pets kept in that structure.  But more work remains to be done and it falls to area residents to do it.

To that end, a Jones Co group called Southern Cross Animal Rescue has formed and offered to meet with Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup about future care for the city’s lost and homeless pets.  The mayor doesn’t come across as enthusiastic about saving the lives of his community’s pets:

Mayor Tim Waldrup said he would listen to anyone who has a plan on how to improve things. But he said Southern Cross doesn’t have a facility and he won’t use taxpayer dollars to build one for them.

What about the funds the city was already allocating for animal control, including the mayor’s promise to build a new facility within a year – how will that money be spent now?

And then there’s this from the vet contracted by the city to kill pets:

[Veterinarian Kimberly Martin] said the only ones who are put down are dogs that bite and wild cats.

You must be joking.  Any dog who did *not* try to bite or any cat who did not act “wild” after being left in a hellhole for 5 days was probably already near death from the heat.  The notion that anyone would judge behavior on a dog or cat left to suffer in such inhumane conditions is outrageous and unacceptable – especially when a thumbs down means death.

Ellisville taxpayers must demand better from their elected officials.  The city came up with the funds to blow the place up pretty damn quickly when the public began registering complaints.  Why can’t they take steps toward actually sheltering pets in their community just as fast?  What is the plan to help lost and stray dogs and cats in Ellisville today?  Is there one?

(Thanks Larkin and Arlene for the links.)

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