Anyone Minding the Store, Memphis?

Remember when those MAS killing cheerleaders also known as the do nothing advisory board decided to lock the public out of most of their meetings because the unwashed masses wanted to speak up for the right of shelter pets to live?  Well here are the minutes from one of the recent super secret meetings.   It seems the advisory board members can’t be bothered to do the jobs they volunteered for and neither can the workers paid by taxpayers. But killing is the public’s fault, don’t forget.

Fair warning:  Do not take a large swig of any beverage while reading.

MAS advisory board notes from May meeting
MAS advisory board notes from May meeting (click to enlarge)

The only reasonable response, clearly:

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17 thoughts on “Anyone Minding the Store, Memphis?

  1. But…but they’re doing their best! They care SO MUCH and WORK SO HARD.

    Or. You know. Not.

  2. Thinking about it…did they…say anything to the employees? Or just note that the only one working was a DOC worker (aren’t they supposed to be supervised at all times?) and everyone else was chilling in the lobby?

    I suspect that the irony of the situation was lost on the esteemed Board members.

    1. Saying something to someone might look like they in some small way disapprove of the rampant neglect and killing at the facility. Which obviously, no.

      On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:31 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. Nope, nope, I refuse to believe it. Mr. Rogers has seen the report and already fired and replaced those workers with people who care about pets.

        And he’s hired someone who isn’t Tracy Dunlap to make certain that every animal (yes, even the court case ones and the injured and the owner surrenders because they could be stolen pets, after all) gets on PetHarbor in a timely fashion and is marketed effectively and appropriately. This person also contacts rescue groups around the country every day to move animals out and makes certain that the PetHarbor data includes where and when stray animals were found to help return them to owners.

        And he’s replaced Rebecca Coleman with a vet who cares about the living, breathing animals and can recognize symptoms of pain and immediately works to alleviate them.

        And he’s got the volunteers going all over the facility, supporting staff, walking dogs, playing with cats, watching for illness and problems, helping improve the quality of life for every animal there. They are also able to enter information about a pet on PetHarbor that can help place them in appropriate homes such as an animal’s likes and dislikes, tricks they know, personality traits, special needs, etc.

        And he’s turned back on the webcams so we can all see the vast strides he’s made at Memphis and so we can support him and publicly hail him as “the man who made the difference”.

        This is my delusion. Just let me enjoy it for a moment.

      2. The advisory boards are just that…only for advice. They cannot instruct staff or employees. They CAN however make public the issues and advise changes and work to be done…but then they might get “unappointed” by the Mayor and not get their stipend check. !!!!

      3. Mikken – I’m with Shirley….pass some of that shit my way too. I want to live in your delusional mind too! ;) Well, we ALLL know if those of us that actually give a crap would not only have SAID something we would’ve sent them home without pay for the remainder of their shift…err…lives! Rodgers is NO better than Pepper. The whole lot of ’em stink to high heaven and conintue in their “everything’s fine” routine. It’s past time this place be bulldozed – well those that run it anyway – and Memphis get with the times. I didn’t realize it was still 1970. Oh wait – people back then actually cared about the animals.

        But I like the way you think!

  3. These are not citizens. They are Beaurocrats of the worst kind. No one going any work on any level. Notice they opted for a tour of the supposed benign parts of the facility. Not the kill room…not the quarantine area. Not owner surrender…etc. closed door meetings by public officials are illegal under the Tennessee Sunshine Act.

    1. I guess someone forgot to tell them that…nope they probably did but you know they just brushed it off their shoulders like they do everything!

      Whatever happned to that Attorney guy that was going after the Director spot? Maybe we could get him to write a “nice” letter to them informing them of that little piece of information….

  4. If I only had no heart or soul I’d hot foot it down there for a job, either on the board or in the shelter. Either looks like a cake walk with plenty of relaxing breaks and no worries. Instead I actually have to, you know, do my job to get my meager wages.
    I bet most of the tax payers that fund this mess have to do the same, or those who are lucky enough to have a job in the rotten economy.

  5. Thanks for the warning, my computer thanks you too. I would have spit my coffee everywhere.

  6. Same sh*t, different day. What is it going to take to change things at that place?
    Haven’t heard again from the man who was going to get things changed in a compassionate way. Wonder how that’s going . . .

  7. Only the convict was working. Wow. Words cannot describe the disgust. I don’t know Memphis but from what I read in the paper about the poverty and lack of jobs, a government job would seem to be “a good job”.

    1. Don’t forget – shelter employees are “union” must be in their contract that they get unlimited breaks sitting on their rumps making call phone calls & text messaging.

      I want a government/union job too!

      I’d still gladly take over MAS anyday and do a better job with NO obvious experience other than being a pet owner and doing my own rescue work! UGH….I never did hear back about my reume that I sent in MONTHS ago – must’ve got “lost” in their round filing cabinet.

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